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Up to 20 megapixels streaming at 25 frames per second

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Drag the lens to compare our high definition quality surveillance systems to the standard quality in use today.

We work for you to deliver excellence in security as standard

Our full HD CCTV cameras have been specially selected and rigorously tested with our industry partners. Our range of HD CCTV cameras from premium suppliers start from 1.3 megapixels to over 20 megapixels.  In simple terms, our entry level HD camera is over 4 times clearer than a standard analogue CCTV camera and the resolution is the same as your home HD television. Our wireless HD CCTV systems utilise between 2 megapixel to 5 megapixel HD CCTV cameras, these cameras are then wirelessly networked and stream full HD footage back to the monitoring station. Lastly, we are now supplying and installing an entry level HD CCTV camera system, to provide customers with high quality CCTV footage and better functionality than old style analogue systems.

We provide an HD CCTV solution for every budget, contact us to see how much you can improve your security and reduce costs.