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We provide a range of wireless systems to build data bridges or HD camera networks

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Our aim is to help you deliver innovative and effective technologies.

Our Wireless Systems (WIFI and Point to Point) and networks are ground breaking, effective and suitable for a variety of uses, including the transmission of  voice, data and high quality HD CCTV. We have delivered innovative and cost saving wireless systems for customers in Schools, Oil & Gas, Transport and Large businesses.

The benefits of using a wireless system include:

  • Easy installation and very high reliability
  • Up to 750 Mbps over 10 miles. A single wireless system can stream up to 4 HD cameras at 25 frames per second
  • Link buildings and provide data or security networks to and from remote locations
  • Low maintenance and oncosts

The benefits of using a wireless system for HD CCTV include:

  • High quality footage in challenging locations
  • Much more cost effective and better quality than 3G CCTV systems
  • Can be solar and wind powered for remote locations
  • Low maintenance and oncosts

We can deliver fully accredited wireless systems for your requirements and help you achieve ROI over the use of leased lines or transmitting data over 3G. For more information on wireless systems, have a look at our case study. We have innovative and cost effective wireless systems for all budgets, so get in touch and we can help you start saving.