Are Parish Councils embracing the future?

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Are Parish Councils embracing the future?

Over the past two years, we have seen a considerable increase in the amount of Councils contacting Sunstone to review their security systems and explore all the recent developments in IP CCTV and Access Control.

The majority of Parish and Town Councils have been looking to upgrade and improve their security systems. Seemingly, we have seen a trend of analogue systems reaching the end of their natural life or usefulness.

Due to contraints in Local Government funding, Councils are looking to both improve their systems but importantly reduce costs. In the past, these two challenges would be difficult to reconcile, with HD or IP systems costing more but undoubtedly delivering better quality.

However, recently HD CCTV systems have drastically reduced in price as most manufacturers are now focusing on the HD/IP sector and most reputable installers have invested heavily in retraining their workforce.

Additionally, as HD CCTV cameras now easily compete on price, they also deliver much better footage and performance. This means that less HD cameras are required and as they can be connected to the internet, are monitored easily from a range of locations. Also, the functionality of our CCTV software means those with local responsibility for the system can easily interrogate footage, monitor suspicious activity using smart phones or iPads.

We have supported numerous Parish and Town Councils across the South East with migrating from old style analogue systems, towards designing and installing HD CCTV systems. Also, we have installed a wireless megapixel CCTV system in the Parish of Leybourne, which is considered a groundbreaking system. Furthermore, we are now working with three more Parishes to design, install and maintain bespoke wireless CCTV systems.

In summary, Councils are more likely now to embrace new technologies, if they provide return on investment (ROI), are future proof and provide high quality functionality and footage.