CCTV: Are you legal?

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CCTV: Are you legal?

Are you aware most CCTV systems are illegal? If not, I suppose you’re not aware that anyone with CCTV in place is legally required to have a policy or that anyone can walk off the street and ask for footage of themselves. Please follow the link below for more information:

 Indeed, under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000, public authorities are required to hand out any personal data they hold if it is requested by the person concerned. We have worked

with consultants that regularly work with schools and SME’s, most of whom are completely unaware of their responsibilities and legal requirements around the Data Protection Act. They estimate that nearly 90%, who have recently installed HD CCTV, are operating their systems without the appropriate policy or operational processes. Additionally, most sites do not have adequate CCTV signage or the required application processes to deal with footage requests within the stipulated timeframe.

As we like to help out and if you urgently need to legalise your system, here’s some useful links to start the process:

CCTV, Legality
However, if this is something you would like to address and do not have the capacity to complete. Then we offer a complete service, which includes:

– Site Visit and System Assessment
– Camera Map
– Bespoke CCTV Policy and Compliance Manual
– Signage Guidance
– Evidence Enclosure Guidance
– Data Protection Act certified operational processes and forms
– Annual Telephone Support
– Free advice on system improvement or migration from analogue to IP CCTV systems