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As a SME company based in Canterbury, we have unrivalled expertise and significant experience around the audit, design and installation of IP CCTV systems and wireless technologies. We are expert security consultants and installers, and we provide a range of services to improve your security, develop effective tender requirements, help you migrate from analogue to IP CCTV and turnkey integration of all systems onto a single software package.

Research and Development

We have a strong track record of working with local and global companies to design, test and develop bespoke security systems. Our team is comprised of highly qualified security and engineering professionals, who have delivered groundbreaking systems in the automotive industry, aluminium industry and the Oil & Gas sector. Speak to us if you have a challenge which requires a bespoke approach.

Security Audit Report (SAR) 

Our audit comprises of two key components. Firstly, using our accredited physical security consultants, we undertake an in depth assessment and review of your buildings and estate, to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your security threats and opportunities to mitigate potential weaknesses. Secondly, our specialist security technicians will audit the current CCTV and access control systems, to review whether the systems are meeting your requirements. Accordingly, by bringing together the outcomes from the audit of physical and technological weaknesses, we can support you with designing and installing solutions which are robust, cost effective and innovative.

Tenders and Procurement

We have significant experience of supporting large businesses and local authorities with reviewing their current security systems and supporting decision makers with specifying the right systems and selecting the most appropriate installation company. Using this approach, we can help you understand the systems you have in place, their relative weaknesses or potential obsolescence and build a specification which will be future proof, innovative and most importantly installed by groundbreaking companies. Ultimately, we aim to help you specify systems and recruit companies that provide value for money, are innovative and provide ongoing support.

Migration from Analogue to IP CCTV

Over the past few years, the public and private sector have been looking to upgrade their CCTV, Alarms and Access Control from analogue to IP systems. We understand that many services will have made a significant investment in their analogue systems over the past 10 years and migration to the latest technology could be prohibitive. We have a range of innovative systems that can help you navigate the migration easily and cost effectively. These systems can effectively support analogue CCTV cameras on an IP based system, which means as cameras become redundant, they can be replaced with full HD cameras. In this way, you can manage the migration from old technology to new at a pace that suits your organisation.

Integration of HD CCTV, Alarms, Access Control and Fire Systems onto a single software platform

Until recently, CCTV, alarms, access control and fire have been managed on separate software systems. This means that operators are challenged to manage these systems in isolation and this can cause problems and require more manpower. Over the past year, we have been working with groundbreaking and innovative companies to bring you the latest solutions and technologies. Currently, we can now help you manage these systems over a single software platform, which means your operators will be able alerted to any alarm or problem using our bespoke 3D model of your building or estate. This model is interactive and alerts from all systems are centrally managed, actioned or cancelled on this platform.

Our expert security consultants and installers are fully accredited and highly experienced in the security industry. We have supported large organisations and public sector bodies with improving and procuring cost effective, innovative and robust HD CCTV systems.

lambeth“Lambeth Academy found Sunstone very informative and helpful in our process of obtaining an audit report. They visited us with a team of 3 representatives, they were extremely knowledgeable in the area of IP CCTV and IP Access Control and very professional throughout the whole process. They exceeded all deadlines and expectations set by them, they even went above and beyond in terms of providing additional information and an engineering report to really enhance the audit report truly being value for money for a public sector organisation like ourselves. As a result of the deep content of the audit report we are pleased that we have been able to successfully tender for IP CCTV systems at our school. The report was integral to our understanding of what systems we currently had, what were the potential upgrade possibilities and how we could future proof such a large investment at the school. We are pleased to recommend that Sunstone set the benchmark in IP CCTV consultancy services”. Lambeth Academy, London

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