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Customer Satisfaction Feedback

At Sunstone, we believe in working in partnership with our customers to deliver high quality HD CCTV, IP Access Control and Wireless Technologies. This means from time to time we need to ask some hard questions and act on customer satisfaction feedback.

Recently, we undertook a consultation with all our clients to find out what we’ve been doing well and what we need to improve. Sometimes this is not as easy as it sounds, but nonetheless crucially important to maintain a high level of customer service, to improve our systems and the way we work with our clients.

Also, as we provide a range of advanced security to systems to public and sector clients, accordingly requirements and needs are complex. However, our partnership approach means we establish a co-ordinated working relationship early, tackle problems effectively and continually respond as we are needed.

We asked, IP or HD CCTV and Wireless Systems can be difficult to understand, what would you like more information on?

“An Idiot Guide’ for quick operation of view, record and playback… and suggested tips for optimum security”

“To be kept advised of new technology that becomes available so that the Parish Council can be at the forefront of change. Apart from that because the Parish Council has regular discussions with the Sunstone Technical advisors and technicians, I feel confident that we are kept fully advised and informed”

How does our service quality compare to other security companies?

“A really easy company to do business with, responsive and customer focussed”

“I only have experience of one other company dealing with our CCTV System and I prefer working with Sunstone. Response to call out is good and the staff are knowledgable and helpful”

“very friendly staff, Dan and Paul are experts in their field”

“Excellent pre and after sales services and support, nothing is too much for the Sunstone team which is very commendable”

How do our prices compare to our competitors?

“I changed contractor because I got fed up with being sold new equipment every time we had a call out or maintenance visit. Nothing was repairable, it was always ‘you need a new one of those’. I think this is a sign of an engineer either not understanding the equipment or on commission. I feel that I now get value for money”

“Always on hand for problems, hardware issues always rectified promptly or at least temporarily until permanant solution found at no extra cost”

“Sunstone have and do provide a far better cost effective solution to CCTV requirements than any competitor and are always willing to suggest other cost saving option. They do not try and get you to commit to unnecessary expenditure”

How responsive do you find Sunstone Systems?

“Excellent after sales support and along with quick problem resolution which is another key attribute of Sunstone”

How satisfied are you with the team at Sunstone Systems?

“I could not have asked for a better team to contract with, they listened to our issues and addressed them all. After sales fantastic to date too”

“[The Engineers] They are a credit to the organisation and are always ready to go that ‘extra mile'”

How likely are you to recommend Sunstone Systems to people and businesses you know?

“Most of the Independent School Sector”

“Yes, there are many local Parish and Town Councils along with businesses that we deal with who we always promote and recommend Sunstone as the leading exponent of CCTV and with a real cost effective solution”

Here are some of the things we’ve heard and have addressed:

“Sometimes you’re difficult to get hold of by phone. However, I then seem you sorting the problem remotely! That’s fine because the problem gets fixed – but we like talking to people!” We now make sure before any remote maintenance occurs, our Engineers will always call and make sure our clients have the opportunity to explain the problem.

“Follow up not always as good as it should be” Our response times are routinely under 4 hours, sometimes we fall short of this challenging time frame. We intend to continue to respond to all customers within 4 hours and communicate with our clients when this is not possible (mainly due to availability of parts)

“Occasional contact, maybe a mailshot with new equipment, just to let me know you are still there!” The vast majority of our systems are installed to such a high specification, trouble shooting and maintenance calls happen infrequently. However, we have now committed to sending regular newsletters about developments and new products at Sunstone.

Lastly, this consultation is just the beginning. We are doing a number of things to improve our service, expertise and accreditations, to deliver HD CCTV, IP Access Control and Wireless Systems which are innovative, robust and effective.

If you would like access to the full consultation, with a breakdown of the results, please get in touch.