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Data Centre CCTV The rapid developments in security systems over the past 5 years, means many organisations are looking to improve or migrate towards IP based Access Control and CCTV. Nothing is more critical to the operation of Data Centres, than harnessing the most advanced security systems to protect highly sensitive data and hardware. Indeed, a key selling point for Data Centres is how secure their site is and what methods they deploy to ensure data is kept safe.

At Sunstone, we have been supporting Data Centres and other blue chip companies with transferring from old style analogue systems towards computer based megapixel CCTV. Often this migration or change in systems has not been easy, considering the 24/365 operation of these business critical sites.

We work in partnership with Data Centres to gradually design and install IP systems over a series of phases, with the old and new system operating at the same time, before we switch completely over using our ‘security layering approach’. This means the systems are switched over in a way that does not compromise both internal and external security.

Data Centre CCTV and indeed Access Control, will in the future, be completely integrated and controlled from a single software platform. Some Data Centres already have this system, however many do not and this is an example of Centres failing to grasp the advances in security technology and use them to the fullest.

Our Data Centre CCTV system is one of the most advanced systems on the market, with full IP Access Control integration capability. Our system is truly scalable from a few to hundreds of cameras on one system, which can be operated from either one or multiple PCs, tablets or smartphones. The resolution of our CCTV cameras can be from 2-20 megapixels, depending on the requirement and this system can be adapted for wireless transmission. This means cameras can be demounted easily and used in a different locations, according to the perceived threat.

We are leading providers of Data Centre CCTV and if you would like to find out more then get in touch.