Data Centre Security Systems: 7-Point Checklist

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Data Centre Security Systems: 7-Point Checklist

Security in Data Centres is highly important, as these environments contain and process business critical data for a number of blue chip companies. Securing data centres is a huge undertaking, especially considering the costs involved for “direct, indirect and opportunity costs from the loss or theft of personal information”. Also, businesses around the world who rely on the servers in Data Centres, depend on the security provided at these sites, to safely store and process information.

1. Is the physical environment secure?

By having a secure location, limits the possibility of external threats (like flooding) from affecting the operation of the data centre. Also, other aspects like supply of electricity, water and communications is critical to the functioning of the site (for example, does the data centre have emergency back-up electricity generators).

2. Is the perimeter secure?

It is important, when considering security layering, that the perimeter is secured with a combination of barriers (artificial and natural), HD CCTV cameras, IP Access Control Barriers and Manned Guarding. By using landscaping or secured by design principles, you can secure the external layer and keep potential intruders and vehicles away from the proximity of the building.

3. Is the your Security Officer well trained and knowledgeable about the latest security systems?

It is integral to the security of the data centre to employ highly knowledgeable and effective Security Managers. Ultimately, they and their team are responsible for maintaining the security integrity of the site. They should be fully aware of the advances in Data Centre Security Systems and how the systems are migrating from analogue to IP architecture. Furthermore, they should be central to the migration or swap in systems.

4. How do you ensure access throughout the centre is secure?

It is critical that IP Access Control are deployed to ensure only those engineers with authority can access those areas they need. Those data centres with legacy old style access control systems are compromising the security of site but failing to embrace IP systems. With IP systems, engineers can be granted access to only those areas they are allowed and IP CCTV systems can be integrated to track movements around the building.

5. Do you run background checks on employees?

It is important to get employees permission to check their work history. This might sound invasive, however a Data Centre is only as secure as those employees who protect it.

6. Do you test your security systems and procedures?

Periodically, testing security systems and procedures is critical to finding any weaknesses in either the security systems and/or procedures. If systems and procedures were left without test or review, then the potential for systemic failure affecting the data centre is increased.

7. When do you undertake a risk assessment?

Regular risk assessment is vital to the operation of the data centre, more importantly the recommendations arising from the risk assessment need to be acted up on and implemented. This process should be integrated with a review of available security systems on the market, then a suitable replacement can be found if the current system is faulty.

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