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Data Centre Security Systems

At Sunstone, we are aware that the security of business critical data and systems is of  primary importance. We are industry leaders in providing robust, innovative and cost effective Data Centre Security Systems. Our bespoke Data Centre Security Systems are designed, built and installed for each site, to meet the high and exacting demands of highly sensitive environments.  It is important that every component and device is rigorously tested to ensure that the security systems operate to maximum efficiencies and is highly reliable.

Our Data Centre CCTV System includes the most robust and reliable HD CCTV cameras on the market, delivering high quality footage, which is managed on an easy to use software platform. HD CCTV cameras provide much higher resolution footage than analogue cameras. Our HD CCTV cameras give you the ability to see more, interrogate the footage easily and zoom into areas of interest. Our HD CCTV camera features:

– We provide high quality cameras from 2 megapixels to 20 megapixels
– We only use premium optical lenses to maximise the quality of the footage
– All cameras can compress HD footage, to stream efficiently back to the server
– As standard, our cameras can capture high quality day and night-time footage
– We can integrate these cameras with IP Access Control and Intruder Alarms
– The cameras can all be operated and maintained remotely
– Alerts and ‘snap shot’ footage can be sent directly to smartphones and tablets for review

With Sunstone, we only provide the most advanced surveillance technologies in conjunction with the worlds leading developers to deliver innovative, effective and forward thinking solutions.

Our Data Centre Access Control Systems are highly effective, advanced and cost effective. The benefits of using an IP Access Control System from Sunstone, include:

– Door control systems can be connected to the network, making installation cheaper, management easier and lowering total cost of ownership
– Central control of all doors can be from one place via a web interface
– (POE) Power over Ethernet removes the need for a power supply at each entry point, reducing installation and maintenance costs
– Time and attendance reporting – information can be extracted from the database for various uses
– Biometric integration
– Complete flexibility – access can be granted to users according to time and place
– Gates and barriers can be controlled via mobile devices as well as centrally managed
– Integration between IP Access Control and HD CCTV – allowing footage to be shown against door access logs and camera triggering against door access triggers
– Intruder and fire alarms can be integrated with IP Access Control
– Installations from large sites, to remote offices, can benefit from this scalable system, allowing complete control of remote office systems out of hours, even across large sites

We work in partnership with Data Centres to ensure the successful installation and maintenance of advanced Data Centre Security Systems across the country. Also, we have supported Data Centres with the migration from old style analogue CCTV and Access Control systems, to IP CCTV and Access Control. Sometimes, this has been a phased approach and a gradual switchover to more effective and robust systems.

If you are looking for Data Centre Security Specialists, then contact us for more information or review of your current system.