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Our HD CCTV and wireless systems have been installed in schools and colleges across the South East to improve security and behaviour management

We work in partnership to bring you the most advanced solution.

We specialise in working with schools, delivering bespoke IP or HD TVI CCTV systems. We understand the migration from analogue to network based CCTV is not easy. To overcome this challenge, we work in partnership with the Senior Management Team and the school IT managers to carefully plan and install our systems. Additionally, a number of our customers from the private education sector have required specialist installation in listed buildings. We can support our customers with identifying and installing systems, which are proportionate, robust in the school environment and help staff with on-site security, behaviour management and teacher training. Lastly, we make sure any system complies with the CCTV Code of Practice and the school has updated policies and procedures. Our surveys are completely free of charge and recommendations are provided with no further obligations. Lastly, we can provide a free trial of our CCTV systems, so you can assess the performance and HD resolution of our cameras.

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