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Free CCTV System Health-Check

IPCCTVengineerWhen your CCTV system runs into problems, is not recording or you are finding it increasingly difficult to manage, then we know that working out your options or understanding the way forward can be tricky. Often, we are asked to help assess CCTV systems, diagnose problems and provide recommendations to stabilise or improve those systems. Importantly, by undertaking a health-check and working out your options prior to a large capital outlay, can pay dividends by later on. By undertaking a careful assessment of your system, how you use it and how you would like it to perform will determine whether your current CCTV system is fit for purpose, requires stabilisation or renewal. To help you with this process, we are now providing a free CCTV system health-check, this could include:

tickA site survey and full engineering survey of your current system

tickA second opinion or review of recommendations by your current security provider

tickHelp with migrating from analogue to IP based CCTV systems

tickProviding a range of cost options around IP CCTV systems

In some cases, due to the age of the system, the most appropriate plan is to look into new systems or ways of meeting your security objectives. In this way, we can help you plan and budget for the type of system you require. Our primary objective is to work in partnership and recommend or deliver systems which make significant improvements, are cost effective and ultimately meet your needs.

If this is something you are considering, then get in touch. We have the engineers to help you understand your CCTV system and your choices.

lambeth“Lambeth Academy found Sunstone very informative and helpful in our process of obtaining an audit report. They visited us with a team of 3 representatives, they were extremely knowledgeable in the area of IP CCTV and IP Access Control and very professional throughout the whole process. They exceeded all deadlines and expectations set by them, they even went above and beyond in terms of providing additional information and an engineering report to really enhance the audit report truly being value for money for a public sector organisation like ourselves. As a result of the deep content of the audit report we are pleased that we have been able to successfully tender for IP CCTV systems at our school. The report was integral to our understanding of what systems we currently had, what were the potential upgrade possibilities and how we could future proof such a large investment at the school. We are pleased to recommend that Sunstone set the benchmark in IP CCTV consultancy services”. Lambeth Academy, London