Gigapixel Cameras: The Future of IP CCTV

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Gigapixel Cameras: The Future of IP CCTV

The future of IP CCTV will migrate to astonishing levels of detail. Gigapixel CCTV is currently in development with leading IP CCTV manufacturers and represents the next generation of security cameras. This means less cameras (and in most cases a single gigapixel camera) will be required to oversee large areas to manage and secure events such as sports fixtures and music festivals.


IP CCTV is moving forwards in leaps and bounds, consigning traditional analogue CCTV as outmoded technology. The benefits of IP CCTV have been well documented on this website and elsewhere, however many customers are now migrating from old style security systems towards full convergence of IP security systems onto a single software platform.

At Sunstone, we can make this happen and we are industry leaders in:

– IP Megapixel CCTV
– IP Access Control
– IP Fire and Intruder Alarms, and;
– Enterprise level wireless IP CCTV

Speak to us if you are interested in taking the next steps towards future proofing your IP CCTV investment.