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HDTVI CCTV Systems for Schools

schoolOver the past five years, we have worked with a range of Primary, Secondary and Independent Schools across the UK. During this time, we have listened to the challenges schools face and how they overcome them. One of the key issues is funding and how balancing the budget is critical to ensure the school operates smoothly and children are provided with resources and facilities to thrive. Obviously, schools want to prioritise their spend in those areas which have the greatest positive impact on learning, while providing an environment which is safe and secure.

When schools review their budget around site security, often it can be difficult to work outIDIS the return on investment or whether CCTV is more important than WIFI or upgrading the school network. We know this is a tough choice and as a security company we are looking to provide systems and services which could be easily integrated into the school budget, without compromising other areas. For example, many schools still use analogue CCTV systems and for some it works. The cameras provide a basic overview of key areas and has a ‘deterrent’ effect. However, for the majority of schools this is not enough and with ageing technology systems, camera failures increase and reduces their overall effectiveness. In this case, schools are left to completely upgrade their security which can be expensive.

We know for many schools, migrating from analogue to IP based CCTV systems can be expensive. To do this, a new CAT5e network is required, which is additional to the new cameras and network video recorder. While these systems are vastly superior to analogue based CCTV systems, the difference in spend could mean reducing budgets in other areas. Over the past few years, CCTV manufacturers have realised this migration may be difficult for some users and they released HDTVI CCTV cameras. These cameras provide full HD (1080p) over the coaxial infrastructure, which is essentially the same cabling you have installed, if you already have an analogue based CCTV system. This means the school can already make significant savings, by using the same cables and without the upheaval of changing them for network cable (CAT5e). Also, we can bring HDTVI CCTV cameras onto the network, so they can be remotely monitored in the evenings, weekends or holidays.

IDISOver the past year, we have mainly worked with Primary schools to provide this system and service. They can upgrade one camera at a time, spreading the costs out across the year without compromising their budget. Also, we add value by providing a free site survey, free CCTV policies and procedures and if we can find a way of reducing cameras and while maintaining effective security, we will.

So if you are looking to make improvements around your school CCTV, we can show you how to make savings and manage costs, leaving you with enough to spend in other key areas. If you would like to find out more about your options, then get in touch.