The importance of Hotel CCTV

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The importance of Hotel CCTV

Hotel CCTVHD CCTV systems are becoming more important for the 24/7 hotel sector, contributing to a range of approaches and technologies to improve safety and security of hotel guests. Over the past few years, there has been a considerable shift in this sector, as many hotels are adopting emerging technologies to both improve the experience of guests and to become more efficient. The use of HD CCTV in hotels is just one aspect of this transition, to ensure guests are protected, their belongings (and those of the hotel) are secured and that surveillance is deployed to manage or support day to day operations. HD CCTV not only provides superior image quality but most advanced systems can provide a wealth of information (using on board analytics). For example, using a system like this, you can tell how many people came through the door, approached the front desk or even which direction they went. These additional features can help you determine where to locate advertisements or even when your busiest time is. Also, using most video management software (VMS), you can draw virtual ‘trip wires’, so if guests or members of staff access areas which are off limits, then alerts are sent directly (via text message, email or audio alert) to the management.

Benefits or Hotel CCTV:

• Hotel CCTV helps to restrict possible intruders from entering the hotel and keeps thoseHotel CCTV trespassers from exclusive hotel areas such as gyms and swimming pools, where theft commonly occurs. Also, using CCTV cameras in maintenance and storage rooms helps to prevent potential employee theft.

• All guests want to feel safe when staying at your hotel. Besides providing security, hotel CCTV offers your guests a peace of mind while at your hotel. This helps to increase repeat business and maintain a competitive edge within the hotel market.

• Modern CCTV cameras are very easy to install. Many of these systems simply require a single cable between the camera and recorder.

• Our Hotel CCTV systems allow you to monitor and view your cameras from practically anywhere in the world via your local internet connection. Using a PC, Mac, iPhone or Android device, you can monitor live or recorded video at anytime.

• CCTV software can now provide intelligent analytics and tell you how many guests are coming through the doors, where they go and alert you when required.

Hotel CCTV considerations:

• Lobbies, pool, spa, restaurants, meeting areas and reception are all locations ideal for CCTV and help protect your guests. Bathrooms, guest rooms and break rooms should not cameras installed and are considered an invasion of privacy.

• Anytime you have CCTV cameras mounted outdoors they can be susceptible to damage from weather, vandalism or falling objects. It is always important that these systems are routinely serviced and maintained to ensure they perform to optimum capability.

• Any power disruption or power surge can not only damage your CCTV cameras but also disrupt your video recordings. We suggest you take measures to protect your cameras and systems from surges and power disruptions.

• You will need to have an up to date CCTV policy, to ensure you are compliant with the CCTV Code of Practice and the system is appropriately managed.

• Install CCTV at all exits and entrances so you may monitor and record each guest or visitor as they come and go

• Install CCTV at all areas such as meeting rooms, lobbies, and pools, so you may help prevent petty theft

• Add fixed cameras to all those areas that contain valuable items such as artwork or safes to help prevent theft

• The hotel’s perimeter is just as important as the hotels interior. Monitoring your car park, common walking areas and dark remote areas will help secure your facility and building

• Consider using IP CCTV system to deliver HD resolution or if your budget does not stretch, then consider HD TVI CCTV systems as you can reuse your existing coaxial cabling

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