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At Sunstone, we have worked with numerous Parish Council’s across Kent and the South East to design and install IP CCTV systems in the public space. In this time, there have been considerable advancements in technology and certainly in the transmission of the footage in an around the parish.

Of the systems we have replaced, we have seen standalone CCTV systems and cameras which record directly to the camera and the appropriate councillor has to make repeated visits to the camera to download footage. We have seen expensive CCTV cameras which transmit the footage via 3G, which can be have considerable on costs and lastly, the ‘metal mickey’ which is very expensive and when the footage is transmitted by ‘Leased Lines’ the ongoing costs are considerable.

Quality versus cost
When we consider the CCTV options above, clearly councillors have to make the decision between how much the system is and the costs to maintain versus the benefits of securing the local public space. In our experience the options available to Parish Councils has been limited, especially if a remote area requires CCTV. Certainly, there has to be compromise between costs and benefits, however something which is usually missed from this analysis is the quality. If you consider the costs of installing an analogue ‘metal mickey’, which is considerable against the benefits that could be the visibility, community safety and so on then this might be considered a good option. However, if this analysis includes the ‘quality’ of the system then you are better able to make an informed decision.

Analogue CCTV cameras are now a diminishing technology and IP CCTV is now steadily taking over the security market. IP security systems basically use computer language to communicate with both other cameras and the server, which manages all the cameras on the network. This means we can do a lot more with IP CCTV cameras than analogue, which is fixed. IP CCTV cameras range from 1 megapixel to 20 megapixels and this will progress to gigapixel CCTV cameras. However, as these cameras use computer language to communicate we can use other data transmission devices to relay footage to the Parish Council offices. As mentioned above, councillors were limited to a few types of transmission (outside of a hard wired system), notably 3G and Leased Lines. The business case to install these expensive options does need to be compelling in a sector, which has diminishing budgets. However, IP CCTV cameras can transmit footage for free.

Wireless CCTV, CCTV, IP CCTV, HD CCTV, Wireless Security, Access ControlWireless IP CCTV
This type of system is innovative and groundbreaking as it removes the need, at a local level, to pay for 3G and Leased Lines. Each camera is fitted with a device which can both send and receive footage, this device is then pointed at a small mast (or receiver) and then the footage is relayed to the Parish Council offices. Put simply, the IP CCTV cameras operate on a dedicated frequency, which we register with OFCOM and HD quality real time footage can be sent directly to the monitoring station. So when we consider the costs and benefits of the above system, there is a compelling business case:

– IP CCTV cameras a far superior to analogue CCTV
– IP CCTV cameras have a much better resolution and clarity
– IP CCTV cameras can do more which you mean far less analogue cameras
– IP CCTV cameras can be modified to transmit the footage up to five miles with no on costs
– Most IP CCTV cameras are static which means there are no moving parts, unlike the metal mickey, which is very expensive to repair

Lastly, IP CCTV is now a fast moving and developing industry and technology changes happen frequently. However, this will now mean the end user or the Parish Councils will greatly benefit from it. This technology is cheaper, much better quality and more effective than old style analogue systems.

If you are considering upgrading or installing Parish Council CCTV then speak to Sunstone, we have the expertise and innovative solutions to ensure we help you maximise the return on investment. Furthermore, if you would like to speak to the Parish Councils we work with, then get in touch and we can help you get in contact to discuss our systems.