Solar IP CCTV System (SICS)

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Solar IP CCTV System
Solar IP CCTV System (SICS)

Delivering high-quality HD surveillance in remote locations, without access to mains electricity has always been a challenge for the security industry. The requirement for security does not always coincide with the availability of electricity and communication systems to relay footage to where it is needed.

The Solar IP CCTV System has been specifically designed, tested and developed to provide HD CCTV surveillance in remote and harsh environments using solar power to generate electricity and be completely self-sustaining.

The system is powered using a 500w combination of highly efficient ruggedized solar panels and they have been custom engineered for optimum solar angles in a range of locations across the world.

The energy from the sun is harvested from the panels and stored in our bespoke battery system, which has been designed to withstand deep cycling, high and low environmental temperatures.

The power generated from the solar array and advanced battery system can power any IP CCTV and wireless access point or telecommunications device. However, our cameras have been designed to operate in highly corrosive environments and deliver HD quality surveillance which is relayed to our wireless bridges at 125 Mbps and can be deployed in multiple rings to provide more than 1 Gbps of throughput to the monitoring station.

The PTZ and wireless access point is elevated using a telescopic lattice tower, which is fabricated using stainless steel to provide stability, rigidity and protect from hydrogen sulphide corrosion. The telescopic lattice tower has been specifically developed for exposed, high wind load locations in the UK.

Our system cabinet is a welded 316 stainless steel enclosure frame, providing natural airflow throughout the cabinet twin skin walls and is designed for extreme temperature ranges between -40 °C to +60 °C and is designed to resist corrosion.

Solar IP CCTV System

Solar IP CCTV System

Our solar system controller provides the ability to monitor in real time and control all aspects of the solar system, including solar and battery performance. Also, the controller provides a real time GPS location, alerts on system threats using our sensor and gauges. The solar controller is integral to the effective operation of the solar system, providing operators with diagnostic information and the ability to scrutinise the system using our software interface, which can be integrated into most video management platforms.

Additional features of the solar controller include:
– Local short range 2.4ghz connection for the maintenance team to fault find
– Four individually Controlled Power Outputs for different devices
– Heated battery chamber output, to power an optional heated battery enclosure
– Battery Charge Controller
– Mains controller, which allows the device to be powered via mains power

The Solar IP CCTV System has been designed to be easily collapsible into ‘transport mode’, with the Telescopic Lattice Tower winching into the horizontal locked position and the solar panels folding onto the surface of the cabinet. Also, the system can be adapted to deliver lighting (using our LED array) in remote locations.

Our Solar IP CCTV system represents a breakthrough in delivering high-quality surveillance to remote and harsh locations.

This system can be developed to meet your precise requirements, speak to us to find out more.

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Key Features

Our Solar and Wind Powered HD CCTV system utilises the very latest solar, wind and wireless technologies to deliver high quality surveillance in challenging locations.

Remote HD CCTV

Sun and Wind Powered

Onboard Storage or Wireless Transmission (up to 20 miles)

HD PTZ CCTV Camera (up to 5 megapixels)

Adaptable for LED Lighting