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Wireless HD CCTV Systems

We use megapixel HD CCTV cameras to bring our customers the highest quality footage. We design and develop the system with the customer in partnership, which means the system meets the various demands and challenges of the brief, while being cost effective, robust and proportionate. Our proven wireless HD CCTV systems have been installed in a range of locations, using 2 megapixel cameras, which transmit footage to a mast and onto a monitoring station. We have successfully installed up to 20 of these wireless HD CCTV cameras on one site, using military grade encryption with no ongoing costs.

Our wireless HD CCTV systems feature:

  • We provide high quality cameras from 2 megapixels to 20 megapixels
  • We only use premium optical lenses to maximise the quality of the footage
  • All cameras can compress HD footage, to stream efficiently back to the server
  • All cameras have onboard storage for up to 2 weeks, should the wireless link be powered down. Once reconnected, the camera sends all historic footage back to the server
  • As standard, our cameras can capture high quality day and night time footage
  • We can integrate these cameras with IP Access Control and Intruder Alarms
  • The cameras can all be operated and maintained remotely
  • Alerts and ‘snap shot’ footage can be sent directly to smartphones and tablets for review
  • All cameras can be easily integrated into our wireless and solar/wind powered HD CCTV systems

We constantly review the performance and effectiveness of the wireless HD CCTV systems we provide. Furthermore, we work closely with manufacturers and developers to test and review new wireless technologies, security software and novel methods to power remote systems.

This system is the complete solution to provide high quality HD footage, without the expensive ongoing Leased Lines costs.

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Key Features

We can specify a range of HD cameras to operate on our wireless system. We expertly integrate a range of technologies into a single bespoke package to meet your requirements and specification. This system can support HD cameras up to 20 Megapixels and with a direct line of sight, transmit the footage wirelessly up to 20 miles.

Cameras are up to 20 Megpixels

Easily installed in remote and challenging locations

Full military grade wireless data encription

Onboard storage up to 1 TB

Simultaneous support of both H.264 and MJPEG