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Sunstone get a glowing report

Leybourne Parish Council took the decision 2 years ago to investigate the installation and purchase of its own CCTV system covering locations where we had play equipment installed, as a preventative measure, and to areas where frequent complaints of ASB occurred. Previously, when incidents had occurred of damage to play equipment or ASB we had arranged to loan, with police support, a monitored 3G SIM controlled camera from the Borough Council, however in recent times this had been refused because of operational reasons.

It was imperative that if we were to commission our own CCTV System we reviewed in depth what systems were available that suited both the operational requirements of the Parish Council and was within our budget constraints.

Our preliminary review of systems available and discussions with equipment and service providers highlighted that the most common used systems that were being recommended to the Parish Council were neither affordable nor practical for our needs.

Most leading companies recommended PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) cameras which were 3G SIM controlled. The PTZ option which was satisfactory for a 24 x 7 monitored environment were not practical for the Parish Council where incidents in most cases would be viewed post event and only occasionally in a real time situation when an incident had been reported to the Police or Borough Council monitoring officers.
The Parish Council identified that to cover the key locations and play equipment we would require a minimum of 16 cameras with direct visual recording. For the PTZ / 3G service providers we were quoted approximately £5,000 for each camera and an ongoing annual running cost of £500 for each 3G SIM card per camera.

The Parish Council did not have the funds either for the capital outlay or indeed the year or year running costs further reviewed what other options might be available and suitable. Our research led us to investigate the ‘free to air’ systems which were being introduced along with fixed lens low cost cameras.
After reviewing which companies were operating in this field of work, we invited tenders from three organisations offering similar specifications.

Whilst our proposals were considered to be challenging and innovative it was Sunstone IP Systems who impressed us most not just on being the most cost effective provider but also by their understanding and adaptability in being able to deliver a bespoke and innovative solution for our CCTV requirements.
We are pleased to report that the ‘Free to Air’ CCTV system that Sunstone IP Systems have commissioned and installed for Leybourne Parish Council has exceeded expectations.

It is seen as a model cost effective system as a solution for organisations that require CCTV monitoring and recording at affordable cost and has received commendable praise and feedback from Local Authorities and the Police who have been to review our system and we look forward to further expansion of our CCTV system in and around the Parish.