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Sunstone nominated for an award!

Sunstone Systems have been nominated for a prestigious local award at the Kent Community Safety Awards. The citation is for ‘Partnership and Innovation’ towards a goal of making Kent and Medway safer in 2013.

Kent Community Safety Award

Our wireless megapixel CCTV system in the Parish of Leybourne in Kent, covers a wide area across the village and surrounding estate. This system was developed in conjunction with the local Parish Council, which required a bespoke and innovative IP CCTV system.

 The Parish Council and the community was fully involved in the system design and camera location. Also, councillors required that the system be financially sustainable and the ‘free to air’ over 5ghz CCTV system was considered the most appropriate solution. Competitors specified 3G CCTV cameras, and the maintenance and oncosts were considered too prohibitive.

Seventeen cameras were installed and footage is wirelessly sent to a mast at the highest location in the village. The system has now been running in the village for over 12 months, contributing to improvements in community safety, reduced Anti-Social Behaviour and reported crimes.

 Here is the full citation from Leybourne Parish Council:

“Leybourne Parish Council sought a cost effective innovative CCTV solution for its Community Safety programme. Seven leading companies were asked to tender and without question Sunstone IP Systems provided the most pioneering solution and at a fraction of the cost of the other providers.

The ‘free to air’ encrypted technology used by the Sunstone scheme provides a CCTV system which is deployed throughout Leybourne and can be expanded both easily and relatively cheaply when required.

For both the Neighbourhood Police and the Parish Council the system has provided invaluable quality data to identify and apprehend perpetrators and to assist victims of crime.

The ‘state of the art’ CCTV system is the envy of many local organisations that have been to view the system and have either been unable to afford such a system or regretfully have invested substantially in less effective systems.

For the community the CCTV system has provided a real sense of security knowing that their safety is being monitored and acted upon no matter how small the problem may be.

Leybourne has successfully reduced the incidents of anti social behaviour and criminal damage by the installation of the Sunstone CCTV Solution and this could not have been achieved either technology wise by the other service providers or been affordable.

The Safety of our Community is paramount and without question the Sunstone system has given the public the assurance and contentment that the Parish Council has along with Sunstone provided a greater sense of wellbeing in our community than is evident in neighbouring communities.

Without question Sunstone IP Systems should be considered for commendation for a Kent Community Safety Award for the outstanding contribution that they have made to Community Safety not just in Leybourne but for other villages and towns by their innovative CCTV solution” Chairman Leybourne Parish Council

Sunstone is a leading wireless CCTV system designer, integrator and installer, working in partnership with the public and private sector clients delivering innovative security solutions which are robust, effective and sustainable. If you would like to hear more, get in touch and we can show you how to save money.