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The future is now

The year is 2015 and the Government’s considerable investment in the broadband network has achieved ‘in delivering the best superfast broadband network in Europe’. By this point, the Government has spent £530m in a bid to stimulate commercial investment and to roll out high speed broadband in rural communities. Also, they have spent £150m creating “super-connected’ cities across the UK. Furthermore, another £150m has been spent on improving the mobile network for consumers and business customers who live and work in areas where coverage is poor.

So, what does this mean now?

This means schools, companies and the public sector should invest in IP technologies, as the IP systems or devices they buy will run natively on the architecture that the Government is investing heavily in. The problem many face now is that if organisations are buying analogue security systems or old style technologies, then retrofitting into new technologies, the costs are high and performance is seriously compromised.

Ultimately, the Government is aiming to provide the best IP infrastructure in Europe and to future proof your security investment it would be prudent to ensure any equipment or systems you buy are fit for purpose, offer ROI and do not become quickly obsolete.

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