The role of HD quality footage in Boston

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The role of HD quality footage in Boston

In the wake of the terrible events in Boston and the subsequent manhunt and capture of the perpetrators, there will be much soul searching and questions about how this happened.

Certainly, this terrorist act was designed to create the most horrific damage and destruction. Little is known, at this point, why the bombers carried out these attacks on the people of Boston and why they decided to kill, maim and injure innocent people. However, what is known is that two individuals using ‘pressure cooker’ explosive devices, planted these bombs in two locations and escaped. Subsequently, these devises exploded killing three people and injuring countless others. During the ensuing manhunt, one bomber was killed and the other captured in a critical condition. 

What is interesting during this manhunt, was the use of CCTV, lived recorded footage and personal devices. It was soon clear that local CCTV footage returned poor and grainy images of the bombers, even in close proximity to the cameras, and the Police, FBI and ATF soon appealed for footage from personal devices. Most personal devices, like mobile phones and HD cameras, have the facility to record HD quality footage. The security services were also aware that the bombers might be caught incidentally by numerous people. In the brief aftermath, footage from visitors were sent to the FBI, so they could map together events and importantly identify those responsible.

It was soon evident that the security services had identified those responsible and were embarking on a manhunt and to what extent mapped footage from visitors HD devices is unknown. However, it is clear they played a very important role in tracking and detecting those responsible. The images published by the security services initially were from analogue CCTV cameras and as the situation evolved, more and more HD quality clips and photos emerged of the bombers. This meant the security services could clearly identify those responsible and then enable a complete ‘lockdown’ of priority areas to hunt for the bombers. The first bomber was initially killed in a confrontation with the FBI and the second bomber was found hiding and then captured.

This highlights that HD quality footage or HD CCTV can play a very important role in detecting, tracking and apprehending perpetrators of crime. Also, this shows the limited functionality and quality of analogue CCTV versus the quality of personal HD devices.

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