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My top 5 uses for hotel CCTV

Hotel CCTVAll hoteliers know you can overview your car park and other areas of the hotel with CCTV but did you know what else you can do with the latest IP HD CCTV cameras?

“I think I am testament that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks but you can’t make her forget the old ones! I have spent almost all of my working life in hotels either working in them or running events in them. After a good many years of a career I was very familiar with I find myself with a new career in a new industry – Security. As I learn more and more about my new job I find myself thinking how the technology which is new to me can be used in the environment which is familiar to me. And so here we have it, my top 5 uses of IP HD CCTV in hotels”

1 – The first one is fairly obvious – Protection of property, staff and guests. The developments in HD CCTV now means you can use different types of cameras in different locations to provide amazing clarity of image both during the day and at night. No more squinting at a grainy image and trying to work out who it might be from their shape and clothing.

2 – Footfall Management – on board camera analytics mean that you can track activity in the cameras focal area. You can use this to measure traffic at the front desk or in lifts for example or perhaps to decide where to put your next advertisement for most exposure.

3 – With video management software you can draw virtual “trip wires” to alert you if someone goes into an area that is off limits at a particular time, for example a swimming pool that is unmanned – discreet notification via text message to the duty manager or a less discreet audio alert if you need to warn of danger.

4 – An extra pair of eyes during night shifts or periods of low occupancy. Floor walks are still important but by having a viewing station for your night team they can check for any activity in advance. By installing viewing software on different PC’s with restricted camera view if required you can ensure your team are making the best use of their time when staff levels are low and keeping safe. For example checking the back exit camera before leaving to get in their car after a late shift.

5 – Time lapse footage – have a large event build going on? What a great marketing tool for you and your clients to have time lapse build footage for the camera in your main function suite

Of course the number 1 function for CCTV systems is still to provide security to your property, guests and staff and act as a deterrent to criminal activity. But isn’t it interesting what else it can do?

Catherine Southall

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