Wireless HD CCTV: Leybourne Parish Council Case Study

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Wireless HD CCTV: Leybourne Parish Council Case Study

At Sunstone Systems we believe in investing in and harnessing the latest technologies to respond to the ever increasing challenges demanded by our clients. Over the past year, we have been working with a council to improve their CCTV, initially we helped them migrate from traditional analogue CCTV to IP surveillance systems and now they are using one of the most advanced wireless HD CCTV systems in the public sector. This system has now been running for over 12 months, is highly reliable and has minimal on costs.

We undertook an in-depth site assessment alongside delegates from the Council to understand their needs better and how careful positioning of cameras can improve the security and safety of people in key areas.

Phase One: Assessment and Design

This assessment provided important information about camera location, the type of technology required and crucially how this can contribute to improving safety across varied terrain.

With our ground works and software partners, we worked closely with everyone to design a system that is innovative, future proof and within budget.

Phase Two: Installation

The installation was initiated in three stages. Firstly, we installed our wireless mast on top of the tallest building in the area, to ensure all wireless units from the cameras can transmit the footage and importantly be received at the mast.

Secondly, our ground works team installed our custom built CCTV poles across key areas in preparation for the installation of the cameras and wireless units. Finally, we were able to install our megapixel cameras on these poles and across a wider area on street lampposts, which were then connected to the wireless units.These wireless units were then carefully positioned in the direction of the mast and the footage was then wirelessly transmitted directly to the village hall, where we had installed the monitoring station.

Phase Three: Commissioning the system

The installation of the wireless HD CCTV system and monitoring station was successfully commissioned in October 2011. Overall, the system has 17 megapixel cameras, 8 wireless units, a wireless mast and complete monitoring system. Which includes easy to use software that can scroll footage backwards and forwards, synchronise footage (which helps viewing a passage of events across all cameras) and long-range zoom facility.

We have demonstrated that it is possible to install a completely wireless system that is better quality, more cost effective and easier to maintain than any other comparative wired system on the market. However, we do not plan to sit back, at Sunstone we believe in harnessing the latest technology to continue to improve quality, reduce costs and provide a sustainable solution for our customers.

 The Result

It did not take long for the Council to realise the benefits of the Sunstone system. The operators were impressed with the image quality, real time footage and the functionality of the software. Also, we have had positive feedback from local people about improvements in community safety and the protection of newly installed play equipment in the area.

Also, over the next twelve months we will be monitoring and reviewing the system, so we can make adjustments and identify outcomes to ensure the system operates to maximum capability. This learning will help us to deliver systems for our Council partners that are fully tested, robust and contribute to community safety decision-making.

The Testimonial

“The Council took the decision 2 years ago to investigate the installation and purchase of its own CCTV system covering locations where we had play equipment installed, as a preventative measure and to areas where frequent complaints of ASB occurred.

The Council identified that to cover the key locations and play equipment we would require a minimum of 16 cameras with direct visual recording. From the PTZ and 3G service providers we were quoted approximately £5,000 for each camera and an ongoing annual running cost of £500 for each 3G SIM card per camera, which was neither affordable or practical for our needs.

Whilst our proposals were considered to be challenging and innovative it was Sunstone IP Systems who impressed us most not just on being the most cost effective provider but also by their understanding and adaptability in being able to deliver a bespoke and innovative solution for our CCTV requirements.

We are pleased to report that the wireless HD CCTV system that Sunstone IP Systems have commissioned and installed for the Council has exceeded expectations.

It is seen as a model cost effective system for organisations that require CCTV monitoring and recording at affordable cost and has received commendable praise and feedback from Local Authorities and the Police who have been to review our system and we look forward to further expansion of our wireless HD CCTV system in and around the area”. Council Chairman